Story Mission design, scripting, and Writing

During my time at Turbine Games, I wrote over 400 studio recorded lines for both Batman Arkham Underworld and Lord of the Rings Online.

I was fortunate enough to work with voice actors such as Troy Baker, Tara Strong, C.C.H. Pounder, Chris Cox, and Scott McNeil

I wrote 2 unique character-centric game event storylines aligned with Warner Bros. movie releases.  These story arcs ranged from introducing MTX features to introducing the Joker into Gotham using only Harley Quinn's perspective.  Click here to check out the the full length scripts for the Suicide Squad Event and the Joker Teaser Event.

I pride myself on my ability to inhabit unique character headspaces and diversify their dialogue to fit specific story and gameplay moments.  

If you'd like a writing sample of some of the recorded lines I wrote and assisted in during the recording sessions, please shoot me an email at  


Character REcruiting

One of the challenges of fantasy RPG is the expansive lore and character landscape!  Our game featured over 200 characters, and I personally took charge of contextualizing their lore through 1-2 sentence descriptions upon recruitment. 

In-Game Dialogue

As the fantasy-RPG fanatical intern, I took charge of our game's first story-based narrative feature: dialogue boxes!  I worked with an engineer to design, implement, and iterate a concise dialogue system that delivered concise, compelling story snippets without disrupting gameplay. 


Desert DoppelGangers

During my internship with Demiurge studios, we raced to our hard launch.  Our game featured an expansive catalog of playable characters, challenging the design team to make creative solutions to constraints such as unique art assets or new ability tech.  

As a design intern focused on narrative content for over 3 Agile "sprints", I found ways to use these content doublings to our advantage. 

Corrupted Villains

I leveraged these art doubles by structuring the Sandstorm event story around this character's spiral into tyranny and supernatural corruption.  

The only allowances required for this design choice was to remove these 2 characters as standard enemies in the event.  We used other, more distinct assault assets in their place. 

The Gemini Twins

Another desert challenge: duplicate Bloodcasters.  These art assets are some of the most visually striking in the game, so I knew I needed to assign them an equally compelling story that acknowledged their extreme similarities.  

These characters' recruit text, abilities, and upcoming event dialogue revolve around their reputation as the deadly "Gemini Twins."   Aurumai's ability, "Blue-Blood Trance" (a huge, randomized board shake and accompanying stun), and Sarilai's ability, "Crimson Hail" (a huge, damage dealing board shake that targets and eliminates her weak type from the field), create an effective, conceptually stimulating synergy.  

This duo's lore explores their bloodcasting abilities- a puppeteering sorcery- and their plot to possess the powerful "Storm Maker".  When the duo are finally in possession of the Storm Maker Jarun, his battle-start passive (destroy all black gems on the board) and his persistent wound gem generation, make this encounter feel like one hell of a blood storm. 


Character Design

RAid Boss: Desert Hydra

When our team needed a big desert baddy, I collaborated with a remarkably talented artist to concept, balance, and implement this terrifying earth serpent.

Her abilities were the best part of this conceptual challenge.  To make her mechanically feel like a hydra, I chose to give her a passive ability: every time the player makes a non-black match (her only weakness!), she creates a Combat gem (an offensive buff).  This ability explores the myth that for each head you cut, two more grow anew.  

RAid Boss: Ocean Maw

To complement our Desert boss, we needed an oceanic leviathan, equally terrifying and equally challenging. And what's more terrifying than a boss that stuns your healer?  Yup, this critter was designed around the deceptive, deadly terror of the depths, the angler fish.  With its low-mana ability "Blinding Lure," he attacks your dps hero and creates a 2-turn stun gem on your healer.  To mechanically milk the deceptive lure, if you try to match away the stun-gem to free your desperately needed healer, this monster deals damage to your whole team.  


Meta Game and Featured Characters

Awakened Treant and his Herald

This forest pair was a very fun duo to concept.  All along the way, our team knew we needed to expand our pool of forest tanks, so we know these 2 characters needed to share conceptual and mechanical fluidity with one another.  

The Awakened Treant came first in our release demands, so we started on him.  Representing the guardian of the ancient forest meant he had to play like an insurmountable, regenerating golem.  He was given 2 straightforward abilities to make him play like an obedient guardian: Trample (board shake + damage) and Regenerate: (2-turn Heal bomb).  

To expand on the lore linking his summoner, I built the Herald's abilities around allusions to the Treant.  Her abilities were far more strategic, to illustrate her command over said protector: Awaken Treant (same board shake + conditional heal based on number of enemy buffs) and Mana shield (Heal + conditional mana buff based on number of friendly gems).  

The Tinkerer and the Boltstorm

This evolvable character became one of our game's most alluring and strategic heroes to recruit.  She was incredibly fun to design because as a utility character, her abilities revolve around boosting the effectiveness of her team composition.  Synergy is key. 

Her first ability, "Energy Charge," generates a stun-trap.  If the enemy breaks the stun, she drains health from the team and restores her allies.  Her second ability, "Electric Shroud," is a passive ability triggering on enemy offensive buffs, protecting her allies from heavy damage while granting a mana boost.   

LEvel Design and Map Creation

As a designer caught in the content sprints pre-soft launch, we cranked out tons of worldbuilding devices like maps.  

I designed over 1/3 of all of the game's maps and took charge of leading the FTUE map redesign.  

Here's a small reel of depicting the FTUE revisions: