Hunter’s RUn (Opening Scene) ~ 5 minute read

LOGLINE: A cloned convict on the run must work with his alien captors to hunt down a mysterious intruder before they expose their secret alien civilization.

BONNIE & CLYDE (Opening Scene) ~ 10 minute REad

LOGLINE: The infamous Bonne and Clyde seek revenge on the Texas prison system while evading capture.

ANNIE FLASHES (ACT I) ~30 Minute Read

LOGLINE: When Charles finds his wife dead on his living room floor, he must separate hallucinations from memories to chase down the mysterious “L” and find the murderer.


BAtman ARKham UNDERWORLD & Lord OF The rings online: Mordor VO

The Joker Returns: Multi-mission story arc for unlocking a new in-game rare currency, purple isotopes, introducing a new playable Supervillian, Two-Face (voiced by Troy Baker) and foreshadowing the return of the Joker.

Suicide Squad: Multi-mission story arc for unlocking a new gameplay mode, introducing the guest Supervillain, DeadShot (voiced by Chris Cox).

Two-Face Supervillain Combat VO: Over 100 written and recorded Two-face combat lines. Voiced by Troy Baker.

Lord of the Rings Online : Dozens of multi-tone NPC lines for the pre-mordor MMORPG regions of Lord of the Rings Online.

Other Published Work (Fiction & Creative NonFiction)

Little WING

This flash fiction piece won 2nd Place in Fiction in the Samuel Eells Literary Education Foundation Graduate Competition.

The essay, "Little Darling," won the Hawaii Education Association Essay Contest in 2011 and 1st place in the creative non-fiction section of the Samuel Eells Literary Education Foundation competition in 2015.  

Neon Architecture

Here is my center-piece feature for Brown's on-campus publication, The Indy.  This article explores the potential for Indy developers to revolutionize the game industry.


Longer Form Writings

"dali dal," is a surrealist fiction piece exploring creative purpose.